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Yankee Cocaine Blues

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I blew out of Mississippi for the Illinois state line
I got ten pounds of cocaine, got 'er bricked up by my side
Quit my job down at the saw mill
Barely made enough there to stay alive

This all started at a beer joint up in Selmer Tennessee
I stopped in to have a cold one when some old man come up to me
Says do you wanna make some money boy
Follow me outside son please

Now I'm flyin' through Mississippi in the pourin' rain
I can see the tracks ahead and I'm tryin' to beat the train
I just don't know what I'm gonna do
But now I'm tryin' to skip ol' Dixie with these Yankee cocaine blues

Blue lights all behind me, but this 'Cuda's runnin' strong
Lord I'm just a poor hillbilly never been in trouble with the law
My sweet wife, she don't even know
I may never make it home

If I make it back to that beer joint slidin' on the back roads outta sight
I'll slip in through the shadows with that old man there standing by
I'll say give me all my money and I'll
Disappear into the night

But right now I'm ......

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