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  1. Hinges
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As sure as I'm a sinner she's my saving grace
Life gave me the jack boys yeah but she's my ace of spades
I swear she comes from heaven but you know it's so hard to tell
'Cause she's hotter than the hinges hangin' off the gates of hell

My baby wears blue jeans like no other girl I know
I hate it when she leaves me but Lord I love to watch her go
When this ol' world starts getting me down you know she makes things all right
She comes on like Sunday morning but goes off like Saturday night

We split up one Valentines Day and I wound up in jail
My first call went straight to her and she told me go straight to hell
I fell down on my knees and cried baby please if we're not us then I'm there
She showed up in the morning with a bible and my bail

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