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Guitar Slingin' Man

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I won't ever be Bob Dylan 'cause I listen to too much Cash
It's too damn late to be Waylon and I never smoked Willie's hash
And that just leaves me Haggard, oh but I still got a Jones
To rock it like Bocephus and keep this country drivin' on

Hey, Ho, born too late with a wayward soul
Rollin' with a hillbilly band
Ho, Hey, I wouldn't have it any other way
Oh Lord I hope you understand
'Til the day I die, gonna be a guitar slingin' man

Daddy played the banjo Mama rocked me on her knee
They taught me all about the backstep, all about livin' free
They said son someday you'll be a man and you'll roll on down the road on into town
Just don't forget where you come from, don't let those bastards get you down

Don't wanna be no president, don't wanna be no king
All I need is a rowdy crowd and a country song to sing
So I just keep on movin', keep on movin' on down the line
No I don't want nothin' left, when it's time for me to fly

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