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  1. Jack Rabbit
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Jack Rabbit

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I had a dog, his name was Jack Rabbit
Throw him a stick, throw him a bone and he'll jump right up and grab it
Run like the wind, jump like a deer there you have it
Best dang dog a man ever had, his name was Jack Rabbit

Well you see a rabbit run say get 'em Jack
Count to ten he'd bring 'em on back
He could run at a sprint through a holler log
He was half blue heeler half hound dog

Well my first wife we named Big Nelly
She'd laugh so hard she shook like jelly
She'd send Jack Rabbit to the grocery store
With a dollar in his collar, sometimes more

Well my first boy we named Red Jimmy
He'd throw up a stick and say jump Jack, gimme
That dog'd grab it out of the air
He took first place at the county fair