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  1. Danielle
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Well it was you and me and the dog made three
Drinkin' beer while the sun went down
Or just a rollin' down the highways
Up and down the biways just to get the hell out of town
I was lookin' for myself when you walked by
And changed my plans for the day
And I never thought twice, when I noticed your eyes rollin' my way

Danielle, Danielle
Thought the nights would last forever
Danielle, Danielle
Swore we'd all go down together
Danielle, Danielle
Since you've been gone I'm missin'
Danielle, Danielle
I close my eyes and listen, for you, Danielle

Remember sittin' in the shade just a watchin' you wade
Tip toein' up to the waters edge
Or you lyin' in the sun, bikini undone
Was it real or all just in my head?
Now that kind of lovin's such a mystery
When you're young and runnin' wild
And you'd sing me that song, while I'd hold you so long just like a child

Now the days turn to weeks and the months roll on
'Til you're stuck with a handful of years
And it still feels so wrong tryin' to sing that song
Without you here