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My name is Matt Poss.  If you are here right now reading this, thank you for coming this far!  I am a black-dirt singer/songwriter, born and bred in the little town of Effingham, Illinois.  I play in bars, clubs, theaters, arenas, in backyards, in barns, around bonfires, at racetracks, at festivals, at rodeos, on stages, on beaches, in war zones, at biker rally's, at mud bogs, and everywhere in between.  I've been at this a while and I've seen a lot of changes.  And if you want to know what the future of music looks like, this is it.   

If you're like me, with some gray in your hair, then you probably remember going to actual record stores and buying CD's or cassettes, or if you're old enough, albums.  Unfortunately, that's not how it works anymore.  Albums are nice, but they serve as a piece of art just as much as a vehicle for music.  The only CD's I've purchased in the past five years are from the bands I really love and want to support with my dollars.  I haven't actually listened to a CD in a very long time.  My car doesn't even have a player in it.   Services like Spotify and Pandora are awesome for fans, but the pay per play for the artist is minuscule.

T-shirts and hats are a big help and gigs can pay some bills, but the overhead is a killer.  If you have your own business, you know the cost of doing business is just going up.  So how do singer/songwriters make a living these days if no one is buying their art?  One word:  Subscriptions.

What if I told you that for $12 per year ($1 per month) you could gain access to ALL of my music, get deep discounts on all my merch, get invited to members only exclusive events, get a back-stage view of my life and songwriting, and many other perks that no one else is privvy to?  $1 per month isn't much money at all.  However, multiply that by 100 people, or 500, or 1000 and we are suddenly talking about real power to create new music, new projects, new merch, new events, etc...  You help support me and I'll take you behind the scenes, backstage, on the road and to the kitchen table, as the songs are being written.  I'll introduce you to this crazy lifestyle and let you experience it firsthand from my POV.  And in exchange for your support,  I'll hand you music, merch, and exclusive experiences available to no one else and offered nowhere else.  

Now, I hate the idea of charity and I don't like asking people for their hard earned money.  So the only way I'm comfortable with this is if you get way more value out of this arrangement than you're paying for.  So for the price of a Coke at McDonald's, you get full access to my life, plus MORE!  I hope that sounds fair.  And who knows what cool stuff we'll come up with as this Posse grows.

If that doesn't sound like your bag, then no worries at all.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you out at a show sometime.  However, if you're willing to "buy the ticket and take the ride", then welcome aboard and I look forward to getting to know you better and creating something good together.  

Thanks for your time, and again, thank you for your support!  

Cheers!  - Matt