MPB is on Patreon

In case you didn't know it, Matt Poss Band has a Patreon account.  (  So what is Patreon you might ask?  Patreon is essentially like a fanclub.  You pay $1 per month and you get access to everything I create.  Demos, Rough drafts, behind the scenes, new merch, etc...  Not to mention I'm planning on lots of cool contests and other exclusive events this year.  Go check it out.  

So, why don't I just have that feature here at  Simple answer is this site won't allow me to do reoccurring payments.  With Patreon, you set your preferred payment method and forget it.  It's a simple and easy process, and you'll be privvy to all the new stuff coming from MPB. 

I hope you'll go check it out.  Thanks! - Matt

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